Qualifications for Ramp Agent

Qualification Standard

Must be at least 18 years old, have the appropriate training and education commensurate for this position, have a satisfactory background check and have experience, education and in accordance with other qualification standards set forth by the Vice President of Field Services, Dispatch and Stations.

Line of Authority

Ramp Agent must reports to the Ramp Supervisor. For those stations that does not have a Ramp Supervisor the will report to the Ramp Lead Agent or Station Manager.

Guidance Information

The policies, procedures, instructions, and information for managing processes of the operations department are contained in the General Operations Manual, Weight and Balance Handbook, Employee Manual, Station Operations Manual and other manuals as indicted in the appendix of the MOM.

Program Administration

Accountable for the quality of the following processes:
3.1.8 – Carriage of Cargo
3.1.12 – Hazardous Materials/Dangerous Goods Program (jointly w/Captain)
3.2.2 – Flight/Load Manifest/Weight and Balance Control (jointly w/Captain)

The Ramp Department (hereafter referred to as Ramp) is vital to the smooth operation of Seaborne Airlines because it services other departments such as Customer Service and Flight Operations. The passenger’s first impression is critical and is influenced by Ramp directly.

Passengers expect to have their baggage handled efficiently and with care and travel in a clean aircraft, the manner in which ramp performs directly effects on time performance and passenger safety.

Duties & Responsibilities

Duties may include but are not limited to, the following:

• Promotes and fosters a safe and secure operating environment.
• Cleaning the interior and exterior of aircraft
• Assisting Captain and First Officer in loading and unloading passengers
• Collection, weighing, loading, unloading and delivering of baggage
• Assisting Captain in starting of aircraft
• Tying and untying of aircraft from dock
• Marshalling and parking aircraft
• Cleaning dock area, including trash removal
• Be alert for, recover and discard debris and other foreign objects (FOD) that could damage the aircraft, engines or propellers.
• Ramp Agent is accountable for passenger safety on the ramp and dock area, security on the docks, employee safety and are obligated to learn all pertinent information and operating procedures relevant to the position.
• Other assigned duties