Travel Agents

Air tickets or boarding pass, passports, touchscreen smartphone with online airline tickets booking or reservation internet application, magnetic compass, credit cards and pen on world geographic map atlasSeaborne welcomes partnerships with travel agencies throughout the Caribbean. From discounted fares to group rates, all is available for Seaborne’s exciting destinations. Please contact the following departments and a Seaborne representative will be happy to assist you:

For reservations or travel agents issues:
Email: moc.s1481206814enilr1481206814iaenr1481206814obaes1481206814@stne1481206814galev1481206814art1481206814
For customer complaints and inquires:
Email: moc.s1481206814enilr1481206814iaenr1481206814obaes1481206814@snoi1481206814taler1481206814remot1481206814suc1481206814
For group requests:
Email: moc.s1481206814enilr1481206814iaenr1481206814obaes1481206814@leva1481206814rtspu1481206814org1481206814
For baggage information and assistance:
Email: moc.s1481206814enilr1481206814iaenr1481206814obaes1481206814@tsis1481206814sagab1481206814 787-726-6063

Travel Agent Rates

  • Fares are based on One Way (OW) trip
  • Fares are without fees and taxes
  • Fares are subject to change
  • G Inventory must be available
  • Discounts must be request with a minimum of 3 weeks prior to travel
  • Discount offered with valid IATA card — No exceptions

2016-2017 Blackout days may apply (02-12-15, 04-28-05-02, 07-1-5, 11-23-28, 12-23-01-09,2017) To request fare booking information:Email: moc.s1481206814enilr1481206814iaenr1481206814obaes1481206814@stne1481206814galev1481206814art1481206814 with proper documentation.