Open Your Account Today

This service is perfect for business travelers, government agencies, and families or individuals who travel frequently! Travel accounts are available with the minimum purchase of $1,000. Travel Account Tickets are valid for one year from purchase date and is perfect for last minute travel. Individuals that travel between the islands frequently, as well as small and large companies and organizations, will benefit from participating in the Travel Account ticket program.

Corporate Travelers Enjoy The Many Advantages

  • Concierge desk for travel assistance
  • Quick and easy online booking, account management and changes with your login number
  • May be used on any seaplane or airport flight so long as there is an available seat
  • Carry-on, personal item and one checked bag (50 lbs and under) for free
  • No change charges
  • No booking charges
  • Fully transferable to share with associates and friends

Payment Terms

Forms of payment accepted include Visa, MasterCard, Discover, ATH, Company Checks and Travelers Checks. Existing Travel Account clients can contact Seaborne to credit additional funds on their existing account. Become a new corporate traveler by completing the application. Once completed, you will be welcomed to the Travel Account ticket program by Seaborne’s Representative, who will review booking and ticketing information with you. Deposit of $1,000 to start an account is non-refundable. In the event of closing your account, the remaining balance is non-refundable but transferable.

To reach us by phone:

Local: 787-946-7800
Toll Free: 866-359-8784

Reservations email any questions or concerns: