Updating Your Booking Options

As Seaborne and Silver work to become one airline, we are making changes to streamline your booking process. Follow these booking procedures to find your best fare and information for your flight.

All Airport Travel After September 1, 2019

Please see press release.

Effective September 1, 2019, all airport flights (except Vieques and Culebra) in the Caribbean network will be booked at silverairways.com .

Tickets Already Issued After September 1, 2019

Travel Agents and Booking Agents: Please use 3MBBMIG waiver code to reissue tickets to Silver from Seaborne

To book Vieques and Culebra, please continue to go to seaborneairlines.com.

All Seaplane Travel After September 1, 2019

To book flights on the Seaplane, nothing changes. Please go to seaborneairlines.com.

Corporate Frequent Travel Program

Corporate Frequent Traveler Clients: There are no changes to your accounts, sign in codes or passwords. Please continue to login at seaborneairlines.com.