Flying on the Seaplane

  • It is recommended that all passengers arrive at the airport no less than (60) sixty minutes prior to departure. Flight closes 20 minutes prior to departure
  • All passengers must be checked in and present at the boarding gate area ready to board their flight no later than twenty (20) minutes prior to the scheduled or posted aircraft departure time
  • Passengers not in the boarding area by the required time prior to scheduled departure are subject to cancellation
  • First passengers loading the aircraft may exceed planning limits leaving less weight available for those who are last to check-in. The weather or other flight planning conditions may also require more fuel, further limiting weight available for those who check-in last. While Seaborne makes all efforts to ensure all of our Passengers and their luggage arrive at their destination together, those who arrive after the recommended times and/or with excess luggage allowance stand the chance of being denied boarding or bumped. Passengers who are denied boarding due to weight and balance issues and arrive prior to flight close will be re-accommodated at no expense on the next available flight