Seaborne’s Fleet

Twin Otter Seaplane

Seaborne’s fleet consists of 2 Twin Otter Seaplanes. As some of you may know, the Twin Otter is not the original “Otter”. That distinction belongs to the de Havilland DHC-3 aka Otter. The original Otter was designed to be a rugged short takeoff or landing utility transport aircraft that could connect remote parts of the world without airports to provide crucial passenger, mail, and cargo services. The design was so strong— like a truck and the performance superior to most aircraft today, that some 40 plus years later, there are still over a hundred aircraft in service all over the world.

The success of the Otter spurred de Havilland to design a larger, just as rugged aircraft, with stronger performance characteristics. This design was focused on passenger carriage, safety, and reliability with two engines and pilots for greater performance and safety as well as a longer wider cabin for comfort. Voila! the TWIN Otter was born!


Seating Capacity 15
Location of Exit Row Row 2
Wingspan 65′
Fuselage Length 51′ 9″
Cruising Speed 140 knots
Engines 2
Pilots 2