TSA Travel Alert


Effective June 30, 2018, new Transportation Security Administration (TSA) requirements take effect for International flights to the United States where customers are encouraged to place powder-like substances over 12 oz. / 350 mL in their checked bags. Please note that 12 oz./350mL are approximately the size of a standard U.S. can of soda. Powders in carry-on bags may require secondary screening, and if the powder cannot be cleared by security officials, it will be prohibited from the cabin of the aircraft.
• Powder-like substances are described as fine dry particles produced by the grinding, crushing or disintegration of a solid substance (i.e. flour, sugar, ground coffee, spices, powdered milk, and cosmetics).
• Certain powders will be exempt from secondary screening, including baby formula, medically necessary powders and human remains.
For more information, please visit the TSA Security Screening Page. 
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